“There is no economic policy in Lula’s government.”

“There is no economic policy in Lula’s government.”

(JR Guzzopublished in the newspaper State of San Paulo On May 25, 2024)

The economic policy of the Lula government begins and ends on a fundamental basis: there is no economic policy, at all, in any Lula government. What exists, from the first to the last day of his term, is a novena with no end date, in which the president promises “growth” in exchange for public “investments.” “Spending is life,” he says—and thus solves the enormous trouble of implementing a real program for the economy. The main idea, of course, is to stick to the first part of the proposal: there is spending, but there is no life. Tax money always comes from the treasury. The progress, prosperity, and “social justice” that government spending was supposed to bring are dead. During 40 years of spending, deficits, and debt, the country has achieved no economic growth, eliminated poverty, and done nothing but concentrate income directly into the veins. Meanwhile, Lula continues to preach that spending, deficits and debt are precisely what Brazil needs to achieve development.

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Lula didn't stay in government for that long, but during that time, that's what he did: taxed, spent everything, got into debt, and every half hour said things had to be this way because it was “the most important thing.” . “The country” that was going to make Brazil grow. It never occurs to him that it doesn't work, or if it does work, he doesn't think about getting rid of the mistake. Your team is doing well this way, and in a team that is doing well, you don't move. It seems What is clear, for Lula and his system, is that there is no need to make any effort to get things right, just “communicate” – and fill the communication with numbers that have nothing to do with the concepts of quantity, space, volume, and other elements of reality. When you encounter a problem, any problem, throw a number at it, any number. That's it: the problem no longer exists.

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Lula mentions fictional characters

Mathematics has imperfect numbers. It has missing numbers. There are even irrational numbers. But there is nothing that can compare to Lola's numbers. His latest breakthrough in the age-old practice of citing fictional characters to pretend he is responding to real problems was the outcry he caused at a meeting with mayors. The government's propaganda service announced, and appears to have taken it seriously, a R$900 billion “package” for city councils. Where did the government get this 900 billion Brazilian reals? There is no R$900 billion. You'll see it up close, there will be payroll “relief,” debt deferrals, arrangements with Social Security — and even the fruits of future “economic growth” will come into play. But what Lula will say is this: “I gave R$900 billion to the mayors.” It is another advance in the “economic programme”.

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