The World Health Organization and the importance of Taiwan’s participation in the 2024 World Health Assembly

The World Health Organization and the importance of Taiwan’s participation in the 2024 World Health Assembly

The World Health Organization will hold its 77th World Health Assembly, from 27 May to 1 June 2024, at the Palais des Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland. As a key player in promoting global health, the entity must strive for inclusion, diversity and international cooperation in all its endeavours. Indeed, it is essential that the Organization adhere unequivocally to these principles.

Benito Liao, Representative of the Taiwan Office in Brazil

Photo: Viamini Press Office / Perfil Brasil

However, in light of the impending Assembly, just a few days away, and with countless global representatives in attendance, it is worrying to note that Taiwan has not yet been invited to participate in this important agenda.

This absence is the result of political considerations and represents a serious error. Overall, unfortunately, this means that the health sector interests of 23 million Taiwanese are officially ignored by the World Health Organization.

It is important to emphasize that Taiwan has been a reliable and committed partner in defending the universal right to health around the world. His contributions to global health security and the promotion of health-related human rights are undeniable and valuable. Therefore, it is necessary and essential that the World Health Organization and other relevant parties in this context fully recognize this cooperation and take immediate measures to correct this unfair exclusion of our nation at the next World Health Assembly.

“All for health, health for all”The theme adopted for the event to be held in Geneva this year is undoubtedly the most fundamental and important principle established by the World Health Assembly, and in light of this, we urge the World Health Organization to adopt a more open and inclusive approach and a flexible stance, consistent with its own professional principles. , thus actively inviting Taiwan to participate in this event, which will enter its 77th year in 2024.

This gesture, which is undoubtedly important and dear to Taiwanese, can therefore ensure that all voices on the planet are heard and all global interests in health are represented appropriately and democratically. There is no health without concerted efforts, and no efforts without exclusion.

By promoting diverse country participation and facilitating global cooperation, WHO will advance its mission of championing the highest possible standard of health for all people. It is time for the organization to act responsibly and fairly, recognizing and including Taiwan as an essential partner in the search for results that rival the world, not just one country or another.

* Benito Liao He is the representative of the Taiwan office in Brazil.

** This text does not necessarily express the opinion of Perfil Brasil

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