The women managed to steal passengers’ bags even before they reached the conveyor belts

The women managed to steal passengers’ bags even before they reached the conveyor belts

Image: Maurizio Pesci / CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia

Two women have been charged with stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of luggage at Salt Lake City International Airport, the US Department of Justice reported. Leticia Marie Torres and Brianna Marie Taylor, both 42, are accused of carrying out the robberies over the course of a month, in January 2022, following an investigation by prosecutors.

According to the charges, Torres and Taylor repeatedly visited the airport during the aforementioned period and removed luggage from the carts before their rightful owners arrived at the baggage claim area. Additionally, the two women were accused of using stolen credit cards left in the victim’s bags.

Authorities obtained surveillance video footage showing Torres and Taylor taking bags from carts, as well as making fraudulent purchases using stolen credit cards. Some stolen belongings were also found at Torres’ home during the investigation.

Ahead of the busy holiday and ski travel season, the Salt Lake City Police Department advises travelers to keep items of high value that cannot be replaced in their carry-on bags. In addition, the administration suggested that travelers reconsider purchasing luxury luggage brands, as they can be attractive targets for luggage thieves.

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