The WhatsApp hack allows “stalkers” to know who you are talking to

Another discussion involved The WhatsApp. This time, companies are using a software breach to provide user monitoring services, for example, to find out which contacts you talk to on the phone. Request.

According to the technology company Trace, WhatsApp shows “Online” status for all accounts in the app without any restrictions, even for contacts outside of your calendar. With information, some organizations have started using bugs to control user activity within the app, which is a great opportunity for Stalkers.

Control promises until cases of treason are discovered

Pads control They only need a phone number to be registered with the program to start running Trace. With everything prepared, service begins Turns out At all times when the user is online on WhatsApp.

For example: If a suspicious user (from some betrayal) puts the number of his partner and the other person on the platform, the service indicates that the two accounts were connected at the same time, which indicates the possibility of a conversation between personal files.

Since the whole process is done with a number of prison cellAt no time does the account owner provide consent for monitoring. Hence, the user may never realize that their data has been tracked.

Moreover, the companies that provide these services are technically not committing a crime, as WhatsApp allows all users to view their internet connection status.

The company has not officially spoken on this topic, but there are simple measures by the social network to avoid the problem. The easiest way to resolve the breach is to give users the option to disable online status or make the information unique to anyone who is added as a contact.

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Recently, security experts also discovered a structural flaw in the messaging software that would allow anyone to block their account using only their phone number.

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