The web points out an error in the scene in which Jonatas is shot by Allen · TV News

The web points out an error in the scene in which Jonatas is shot by Allen · TV News

Jonatas (Paolo Lissa) sacrifices himself for Aline (Barbara Reis) in chapter (31) of Terra e Paixão this Tuesday. The country producer throws himself in front of her to save her from a bullet fired by Cetimrino (Ze Wendell). However, netizens pointed out a loophole in the script, as the killer did not even hide his face in the 9 o’clock Globo series.

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In fact, Antonio La Selva (Tony Ramos) wanted the crime to be practically perfect in the series and Sir Carrasco and Thelma Guedes. He even demands that Ramiro (Amore Lorenzo) hire a hitman who doesn’t even know the name of the person who ordered the crime.

Several profiles on X — the old Twitter site — suggested that Zé Wendell’s character had made a fundamental mistake. He did not hide his face, but fired in front of many witnesses who celebrated Allen’s victory over La Selva in court.

Kayo (Qua Raymond) even said that the crime happened so quickly that he did not even have time to pay attention to the criminal’s face. Netizens didn’t buy the excuse. Diego Medeiros asked: “What killer is this who shoots into a bar full of witnesses?”

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An account identified as “Normally, the killer doesn’t care about witnesses. He arrives in the middle of everything, shoots them and puts his foot down. The only detail is that his face is completely exposed, with no helmet to hide it.” Maurice.

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Fabio Silva complained: “A highly wanted killer would do something like this?” “Even I would kill someone better than this professional killer,” Isadora Basilio joked.

“Was this the professional killer? He saw the nonsense that was happening and decided to keep letting everyone see his face,” Carolyn Kilmero concluded.

Terra e Paixão by Walcyr Carrasco and Thelma Guedes. Set in the fictional town of Nova Primavera in Mato Grosso do Sul, the story will remain on the air until January 19 next year and will be replaced by a remake of Renascer (1993).

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