‘The Voice Kids’: Last Day of Blind Auditions Has ‘Extra Seat’ and Lots of Thrills | 2021

'The Voice Kids': Last Day of Blind Auditions Has 'Extra Seat' and Lots of Thrills |  2021

On Sunday 25/7, the audience followed so many emotions from the participants and technicians that the program even secured an “extra seat” in the competition. Did you miss what happened? 🎤

Joao Arthur Broome sings “Colors of the Wind”

The 10-year-old participant, who was born in Tres Rios, Rio de Janeiro, opened on Sunday afternoon with the show “Cores do Vento (Colors of the Wind)”. It didn’t take long for Gabe to turn her chair against him. At the last second, Brown and Tello also turned around and surprised the boy. “You sing nature, a manifestation of the divine,” praised the technique. Joao also said something that surprised: “This is my first experience with theatre.” At the end of the show, he chose Time Teló.

Joao Arthur – Photo: Globo

Camila Soto sings

Camila Soto sings “Two Hearts”

“Two Hearts” was Camila Soto’s choice of presentation. The 14-year-old participant, born in São Sebastião de Lagoa de Roca, Paraiba, has conquered Carlinhos Brown with her talent. “That’s it, it takes our breath away (…) Thank you very much for your trust, you light up,” said the singer who would become his coach now.

Camila Soto is a participant in “The Voice Kids” – Photo: Globo

Brenda Tesseroli sings

Brenda Tesseroli sings “Morena”

From Palmas, Parana, the 14-year-old participant arrived at TVK to the tune of “Morena” by Vitor Klee. Tilo enjoyed the show and turned his chair toward her. Then it was Brown and Gabi’s turn to show their interest. “I was very moved,” said the girl when she saw that she had turned the three chairs. In the end, she chose Tello as her technician.

Brenda Tesseroli participating in “The Voice Kids” – Photo: Globo

Issa Peraldo sings

Issa Peraldo sings “Wave”

The participant from Piumhi, Minas Gerais, sang “Wave”, a timeless classic Brazilian music with the voice of Tom Jobim. She wasn’t able to flip the coach’s chair, but she received constructive feedback to come back next time.

Issa Peraldo sang in The Voice Kids – Photo: Globo

Isabel Ribeiro Cantata

Isabel Ribeiro Cantata “A Bella e Vera (Beauty and the Beast)”

At the age of 14, the participant from Manaus, Amazonas chose a song that marked the generations. “The Beauty and The Beast” won the coaches right away, who flipped the three chairs right at the start of the show. “It’s nice to see the simplicity and strength of someone who doesn’t even have an idea of ​​his talent,” Gabe said. “You sing like an angel,” Tello added. The three compete for Isabel. She chose the Gabi team.

Isabel Ribeiro participating in “The Voice Kids” – Photo: Globo

Pape Milo sings Blue Sky

Pape Milo sings Blue Sky

Straight from Franca, São Paulo, Pape Milo sang “Céu Azul” and impressed Gabe Amarantos, who turned her chair for it. The 12-year-old shared her passion for music, shared some dreams of the future and was excited to be involved in the technology. “Welcome to the team, we’re going to have a lot of fun. I want to see you fly on the podium,” said the Barra native.

Papy Milo, a participant in “The Voice Kids” – Photo: Globo

hen sings

Heeren sings “Havana”

The Voice Kids is a theater for all styles, and international pop music was highlighted by the performance of 10-year-old Herren. The participant from Perd, es, Minas Gerais, sang “Havana” and admired Brown and Gabe with her talent. The singer praised the timing of her voice on the show and turned it into being chosen by her to be her coach. “Welcome to TVK,” he said excitedly.

Heren, participating in “The Voice Kids” – Photo: Globo

Maria Alice Martins Canta

Maria Alice Martins was “This Is Me”

Another fan of the style is Maria Alice Martins, who sang “This is Me.” The 11-year-old, born in Araxa, Minas Gerais, flipped Tilo and Gabi’s chair and was very happy with the result. “You are a great participant,” said the coach. Maria Alice eventually chose Team Tillo.

Maria Alice Martins is a participant in “The Voice Kids” – Photo: Globo

Nicoli Lima sings the song Força Estranha

Nicoli Lima sings the song Força Estranha

Nicoli lost with “Força Estranha”, by Caetano Veloso, and won a spot on the Gaby team. “I felt you nervous, but even so, I felt like there was a lot of voice and talent out there,” the coach said. Tello also praised: “You sang your way, it was so special.”

Nicoli Lima, co-host of The Voice Kids – Photo: Globo

Giulia Antonini Canta

Giulia Antonini was the “love of my life”

At the age of thirteen, the participant from Palmira das Mises amazed the three technicians by singing “The Love of My Life” by Freddie Mercury. “Amazing, amazing! Impressive your vocal baggage,” Brown exclaimed. “You have great timbre and volume control,” Tello praised. “It reminded me that music is the love of my life,” Gabe said. She chose Julia Tello to be her coach.

Giulia Antonini participating in The Voice Kids – Photo: Globo

See the program for Sunday 25/7:

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