The United States will lift sanctions on Venezuelan oil to hold new elections

The United States will lift sanctions on Venezuelan oil to hold new elections

The North American country agreed to ease sectoral barriers in exchange for internationally monitored elections in 2024

The United States agreed to ease trade sanctions on the Venezuelan oil sector in exchange for holding free and internationally monitored presidential elections in 2024. The newspaper published the information. Washington Post.

The North American country will ease sanctions after Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro government and the country’s opposition – with US support – signed an agreement allowing free voting in 2024. The deal is expected to be struck on Tuesday (October 17, 2023) at a meeting In Barbados.

In 2018, the President of Venezuela won the elections, but the result was not recognized by the opposition. Maduro has led the country since 2013. Like the United States, Brazil classified it as an election at the time.a fraud“.

In 2024, if the agreement is signed, Venezuela’s president will no longer be able to put up barriers to prevent the opposition from running. The American newspaper spoke anonymously to the people who were negotiating between the two countries.

A Venezuelan government official reportedly said the deal does not include plans to unfreeze the country’s assets currently in the United States.

Elections in the country must be open to international observatories and global media. Easing oil sanctions could include a license for Venezuela to resume business with other countries and the United States.

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