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You are United State . included Brazil is on the list of more than 40 countries Who will receive a portion of the first batch of vaccine donations against COVID-19, with 25 million doses, the US authorities announced Thursday (3).

However, there is no specific number of how many doses Brazil will receive, because the country will need them Share about 6 million doses with at least 14 other countries in Latin America (Read more about distribution below).

In all, the United States has pledged to redistribute about 80 million doses of AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines to other countries by the end of June. out of the grand total, 25 million doses will be shipped in this first batch.

Shipments to Brazil will be delivered via Kovacs Allianceof the World Health Organization (WHO), which will be administered by 19 million doses are distributed as follows:

  • 6 million for South and Central America: BrazilArgentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Haiti, the Caribbean Community and the Dominican Republic.
  • 7 million to Asia: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan and the Pacific Islands.
  • 5 million for Africa distributed to selected countries in coordination with the African Union.

The US government has announced the availability of 80 million doses of vaccines that will be delivered by the end of June. The fate of another 55 million doses has not yet been announced.

The report is updated.

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