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Head of the help department United nationsMartin Griffiths, this Tuesday (26) said that about 2 million children telepathy Hunger In the Horn of Africa, which is facing one of the most severe droughts in decades.

At the closed donors’ conference in Geneva, he said the organization had only a fraction of the $1.4 billion needed to respond to the drought in KenyaAnd Ethiopia And Somalia.

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The United Nations World Food Program suspends food distribution in two Ethiopian cities due to looting

“The hard truth that we have to realize today is that we are in a race against time again to prevent large-scale loss of life in 2022, and we don’t have the resources to do so,” he said in remarks delivered virtually.

The drought months in the Horn of Africa destroyed crops and livestock and forced many people to flee their homes.

According to the food program United nations (WFP), the number of hungry people due to drought could rise from 14 million (the current number) to 20 million.

  • at Somalia6 million people, nearly 40% of the population, face severe levels of food insecurity and, if the situation does not improve, “a very real risk of hunger in the coming months”, as the World Food Program highlights;
  • In the Kenya500,000 people are heading towards a food crisis, particularly in the northern communities that subsist on livestock;
  • at EthiopiaMalnutrition rates in the south and southeast exceeded emergency levels.
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Conflict, poverty and locust plague

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has highlighted that some drought-affected areas in the Horn of Africa are suffering from the cumulative effects of conflict, poverty and a locust plague.

“We must act now if we are to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe,” Chimba David Phiri, FAO Representative to the African Union, said at a media meeting in Geneva.

The situation was also exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine, which has contributed to rising food and fuel prices and affected supply chains, according to the World Food Program.

The agency says that a lack of funds in this part of the world could lead to catastrophe, and requests funding of $473 million over the next six months.

In February, an old fundraiser raised less than 4% of the requested funds, he said.

FAO is short of more than 60% of the funds needed to assist the 1.5 million people this agency wants to support in the three countries.

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