The United Kingdom turns 40 and celebrates with a banquet in Manas

The United Kingdom turns 40 and celebrates with a banquet in Manas
By Edeline Mafra

The Morrow da Libertad neighborhood in the southern region of Manaus is being celebrated this weekend: the Gremio Recretivo Samba School United Kingdom of Libertadores this Sunday (5/9).

Photo: Revelation / United Kingdom

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The celebration took place in the southern region of Manaus, outside the Terreo do Samba May Sulmira Gomes, at the Budegio do Rhino so Picano. The party started on Saturday afternoon (4/9) and broke on Sunday morning.

Green and white lovers celebrated in style, with lots of samba on foot, on the drums of Furiosa, which has already brought many successes to unforgettable festivals.

The highlight of the party was the fireworks display at night.

Furious, UK Battery. Photo: Revelation / United Kingdom

William Bimentel, President of the United Kingdom, demonstrates the joy of being able to celebrate the Association’s anniversary in person.

“We have this strong community that loves samba. After Jessinho started our 2022 conspiracy to coring Korea, we decided to hold the school’s 40th birthday party. Thank God, everything works. Pointed out.

In 40 years, the United Kingdom of Liberty has played 31 titles. In all, he won 13 championships for Manas’ special team. The most recent headline was in 2019, with the plot ‘Afro-Brazilian Drums, Beliefs and Customs — A Benoit May Sulmira’.

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