The UK's new plan states that every citizen should have access to green areas within 15 minutes of home Community

The UK's new plan states that every citizen should have access to green areas within 15 minutes of home  Community

Nowadays, some may think that living close to or surrounded by nature is a luxury, but in the UK it becomes a duty. Thinking about improving the quality of life of the population, the British government announced a series of goals in “Environmental Improvement Plan 2023” With measures for the next five years.

One of the plans stipulates that every citizen can access green areas within a maximum of 15 minutes from his home, whether it is a park, lake, beach or river. Announcing the programme, Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey said: “Nature is vital to our survival, essential for our food security, and provides clean air and water, as well as health and wellbeing benefits.”

In recent years, the UK is one of the countries that has lost most of the world's natural areas and biodiversity, due to urbanization, agriculture and industrialization. Now, the government wants to reverse this deterioration scenario and invest in environmental conservation.

To put this action into action, the first step will be to create and restore at least 500,000 hectares of new habitat, starting with 70 new projects – including the creation or expansion of 25 national nature reserves and 19 other recovery projects.

According to experts, it is not enough to create new green spaces or increase their number, but it is also necessary to plan their maintenance and assess the size of the local community to ensure that the area will be accessible to everyone. In general, poorer and more vulnerable neighborhoods end up having less access to parks, for example.

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Other goals for “Environmental Improvement Plan 2023” Announced: incentives for farmers to adopt sustainable practices on at least 10 to 15% of their land by 2030, restore nearly 650 kilometers of rivers, create 3,000 hectares of new woodland along waterways across England and stimulate green growth And create new jobs in this sector. Furthermore, it provides for the establishment of a Species Survival Fund Protecting rare and endangered species, Such as hedgehogs and red squirrels.

Rishi Sunak, UK Prime Minister, said in a statement: “This plan gives us a blueprint for how we deliver on our commitment to leave our environment better than we found it, ensuring we drive progress through renewed ambition and let us achieve our goal of not just halting the decline of nature, but reversing it.” Its direction too.

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