The Ukrainian president says he wants to meet Putin in a disputed region in eastern Ukraine Scientist

However, Zelensky said in a speech that he wanted to avoid wars that kill millions of people He warned that Ukraine would be prepared for a potential conflict. Russia has it Eliminate the possibility of an armed confrontation With the neighbor.

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Tensions escalated between Russia and Ukraine after the military exercises

“Ukraine wants war? No. Is it ready for it? Yes. We are not afraid, because we have an incredible army,” said the Ukrainian head of state. “We will not destroy other lands and peoples. But this does not mean that we allow them to destroy us,” he added.

After a respectful truce during the second half of 2020, hostilities between the Ukrainian military and Donbas separatist forces – which have Russian economic and military support – resumed earlier this year.

The Ukrainian army participates in exercises in the east of the country on Tuesday (20) – Photo: Press Service of the Joint Forces Operation / Posted via Reuters

Zelensky had said on several occasions that he had proposed meeting with Putin since late March, but Russia said it had not received such a request.

Military training of Ukrainian forces in eastern Ukraine in a photo published on Tuesday (20) – Photo: Press Service of the Joint Forces Operation / Posted via Reuters

Tensions persist near the border between Russia and Ukraine, where Moscow has sent tens of thousands of troops. This military action raised the concerns of the Ukrainian government, with the support of European Union, By the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (Utan) And the United StateAbout a possible Russian military operation.

Ukraine’s Western allies claim that Russia has sent up to 100,000 troops in “unprecedented” action.

As a result, civilians living close to the front line do not hide their fear of a resumption of large-scale fighting. Many of them are leaving the area.

“This morning, there were severe shots again.”Yulia Yevchenko inherited to AFP. A mother of four, she lives in the small town of Krasnogorievka, which is protected by the Ukrainian army, and her apartment is in a building badly damaged in the bombings.

A satellite image of April 10 shows a Russian military training zone near Voronezh – Photo: Maxar Technologies / Handout via Reuters

“There was a truce, but now we are at war again,” explained this 27-year-old woman, who had been carrying one of her children, for a year and a half, in her lap.

“I see how all these Russian tanks and armored vehicles are shooting. We are afraid,” he said. “We have nowhere to go.”

The war in eastern Ukraine left more than 13,000 people dead in 2014, which began days after the Russian annexation of Crimea.

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