The UK would have crossed the peak of the epidemic. Restrictions imposed in December should not be renewed

The UK would have crossed the peak of the epidemic.  Restrictions imposed in December should not be renewed

Recent data on the UK epidemic suggest that the worst is over. According to the British newspaper “The Telegraph” there are still 84,429 cases of infection this Monday, which reflectsIt is down 42% compared to the previous Monday. The latest numbers are close to the numbers that existed when the Boris Johnson government implemented “Plan B” on December 8, 2021, which intensified restrictions on the fight against Govt-19.

This Sunday, the United Kingdom recorded the lowest number of new cases since mid-December (70,924) – despite the high number this Monday, it is considered normal and normal at all start of the week. Keeping the same path in the coming days, it is expected to reach 50,000 daily by the middle of the week – on December 8, when the set of additional restrictions was implemented.

The positive ratio of the tests conducted also confirms that there is a gap and that the positives now recorded are not the result of a low test. On January 4, according to the same newspaper report, the rate was set at 32.2%, and on January 11 it dropped to 26%. The fall, which has continued in recent days, has assured the British National Statistics Office.

There are also indications of improvement in terms of hospital admissions: after a peak of 19,906, on January 10, the number of hospital admissions fell by 561. The number of patients in need of ventilators has also dropped to 746: the lowest number since November 2021.

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In the United Kingdom, maintenance of “Plan B” is scheduled for January 26, but no renewal is expected thereafter. A Downing Street spokesman confirmed that there were “encouraging signs” and promised that “as much time as possible” would be given to make changes to the rules. Still, he stressed that the National Health Service was “under significant pressure.”

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