The UK stops on Friday, four days a week

The UK stops on Friday, four days a week

Two changes to the way Europe work has come to the fore recently: the UK’s implementation of a four-day week, which frees Fridays from official appointments, and the menstruation leave for women in Spain.

Both measures aim to improve employee welfare and increase productivity.

Soho, London – Photo: Archive / Joinai / Wikimedia Commons / Disclosure / ND

According to Joe O’Connor, CEO of 4 Day Week – The Project Responsible for Reducing the Workday – As we emerge from the pandemic, more and more companies are realizing that the new frontier of competition is quality of life, making working with less workday and focusing on production a way to give them an edge. competitive.

Implementation of the project began last Monday (13) in 70 companies in the UK and 3,300 employees will participate in the pilot project, which will last for six months.

There will be no turning back! The three-day weekend begins on Friday. This means: more travel, more family, more entertainment, more fun, more entertainment, more sports, more parks, beaches and mountains… In other words, more time for everyone. And Brazil, will you just watch?

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