The UK has banned restaurants from tipping workers

The UK has banned restaurants from tipping workers

MyIn the UK, restaurant owners will be barred from paying tips or service charges to workers under a new law drafted by the British government, five years after it was first proposed. Defender.

Notes left by customers through ATM fees are problematic because cash notes are already protected by law.

The new law, designed to help two million employees and other hotel and catering workers, comes after a series of stories about companies deducting card payments for waiting and kitchen staff.

According to the investigation, many companies that add service charges to customer accounts had some or all of the money instead of allocating it to workers. Some companies used it to increase the salaries of managers or cooks and others to increase profits.

The problem was emphasized during the epidemics because the vast majority of payments (80%, according to The Guardian) were made with cards, leaving workers without most of the notes left by customers.

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