The UK has banned drivers from carrying cell phones while driving

The UK has banned drivers from carrying cell phones while driving

The UK is already known for the strict law on the use of mobile phones while driving, and anyone who makes text messages or calls while driving without an emergency will be fined. This Friday (19), however, the already solid state of affairs has become even more difficult as the government enacted new laws making it illegal to possess that type of device while driving.

It is expected to come into effect in 2022. The law was passed Prohibits drivers from taking pictures, taking videos, playing games or manipulating playlists even when the vehicle is stationary. According to Engadget, The British code will be amended to accurately define all moments in prohibited situations, but scenes such as a citizen getting stuck in traffic or waiting for the light to open have already been confirmed as punishable moments, with fines of up to 200 200 and 6. Losing Licensing Points – A major measure of new drivers losing their license for such a violation.

In the proclamation of this Act, the Secretary of Transport Grand Shops Announces the idea of ​​updating national public policy for modern emergencies and cites that “many deaths and injuries occur when using cell phones in transport”. “We make sure that the law is brought into the 21st century, while increasing security for all users by making it easier to prosecute those who illegally use cell phones behind the wheel.” Says the officer.

When the British public strongly supports the implementation of the new laws – a suggestion Released in October last year 81% of citizens confirm that they have approved the proposed extension – there is protection for criminals in the renewal: cell phone use will be allowed when paying with a driving card reader. On the road. According to the government, this is a way to keep the law up to date with the advancement of financial technologies – but it also guarantees the inclusion of online shopping in the ban.

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As long as the device is supported, using the cell phone as a GPS is also guaranteed.

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