The UK allows travel to resume with restrictions to multiple countries

The UK allows travel to resume with restrictions to multiple countries

The UK will allow international travel to resume from May 17, after months of banning overseas travel, but almost all major destinations have been left off the list of countries free of quarantine upon return.

Only 12 countries and territories entered the so-called “green list,” including Portugal, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and the Faroe Islands.

The top four destinations for Britons – Spain, France, Italy and the United States – were among those left out, upsetting airlines and travel companies struggling to survive. These four fall into the category requiring self-isolation for those returning to the UK.

Turkey, another great holiday destination, has been added to the red list. This requires travelers to spend 10 days in a managed quarantine in a hotel upon return, and pay for themselves.

Although the ban on non-essential international travel was lifted for the first time since January, the government said people should still avoid recreational travel to countries outside the green list.

“Today marks the first step in our cautious return to international travel, with measures designed above all to protect public health and ensure that the gains we have struggled to achieve this year are not squandered,” said Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

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