The tutorial for creating stickers without apps is successful; look

The tutorial for creating stickers without apps is successful;  look

Hey WhatsApp, a global instant messaging platform, offers millions of users a variety of features. One of the most fun and creative features is the ability to personalize conversations with unique stickers.

Although many users use third-party applications for this purpose, few know that they can create their own stickers directly on WhatsApp, both on iOS devices and on WhatsApp. Androidwithout having to download additional applications.

In this brief guide, you will learn step-by-step how to perform this process in a simple way on iOS and Android devices, without the need to install external applications.

WhatsApp Quarantine Sticker Pack – Image: Tech Break/Reproduction

Convert photos into stickers on iOS

Convert photo into poster iPhone It's a very intuitive process. Watch how to do it and learn:

  1. Start by selecting the desired image from your gallery;
  2. Then activate the live objects feature by firmly pressing the central object in the image;
  3. With the object highlighted, choose the Copy option;
  4. In WhatsApp, open a conversation, access the writing bar and tap Paste. The image will appear as a sticker.

To submit, simply press “Submit”. If you want to save the sticker, click on it and choose “Add to Favorites”. To delete it, tap the sticker and select Delete.

Create stickers on Android using WhatsApp Web

For Android users, the simplest process is done via WhatsApp Web, see below how to proceed:

  1. Open a conversation, tap the “+” icon and select “New Sticker.”

  2. Choose an image from your computer and click Open. An editing tool will open, allowing you to adjust the size and position of the image.

  3. Personalize your poster with texts, com. emojisPosters and graphics using available tools.

  4. After customization, click on the green arrow icon to send the sticker in the conversation.

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To save it, click on the sticker and select “Add to Favorites”. If you want to remove it, click the top arrow and select Delete.

Creating custom stickers on WhatsApp is a simple and quick procedure for iPhone and Android users.

Using photos from your gallery or computer, you can create attachments Unique features that add a fun touch to your in-app conversations.

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