The truth about Luisa Sonza’s interview in Fantástico

The truth about Luisa Sonza’s interview in Fantástico

Luisa Sonza once again became the subject of gossip circles after an interview with Pollyana Abreta on Wednesday (11): the singer’s meeting with the journalist, which Fantastico will show at the end of this month, has become the target of rumors after the program Fofocalizando, from the SBT channel, reported that the artist had abandoned recording on Sunday after being questioned about the legal agreement reached in the racial insult case. In attracting Silvio Santos Station, Isabel Benito confirmed that the Chico translator had given up participating in the electronic magazine.

She responded to a lawsuit in which a woman claimed she suffered bias. The information I have is that she withdrew from the interview. She woke up at 3pm and said she wouldn’t do any more interviews. Pollyanna remained intact, the production didn’t know what to do, it was pathetic. The negotiations began, which took three hours. Luisa just calmed down and came back, more or less finished the interview and presented the show at 6pm, when they promised they would remove this question during the edition,” SBT presenter Rio said on the program shown on Thursday (12).

However, none of the information provided by Vovocalizando and Isabel Benito comes close to reality. Hey Pop TV He had exclusive access to the raw file of Luísa Sonza’s interview with Fantástico and found information completely different from that conveyed by the SBT afternoon programme. In fact, the artist was disturbed by Globo’s approach to several topics, Mainly in aspects related to her past relationship with Chico Moedas And in the legal agreement concluded after the accusation of racism leveled by Isabel Macedo.

Before the official start of recording, Pollyana and Luisa exchanged comments on various topics: the journalist, for example, wanted to know more about the singer’s reasons for leaving Porto Alegre to live in Rio de Janeiro. The artist enjoyed the casual chat, and even joked with the presenter backstage, asking if the side (stage position) she was placed on was important or was random. “It doesn’t matter. I usually stay there. They say we’re like a country duo, Mago is always there and I’m always here,” the journalist replied, laughing.

The chat continues behind the scenes. At one point, Pollyanna asked Luisa about her relationship with Rita Lee, and asked her if she could talk about the topic in the formal interview. “I had an indirect connection, you know? When I had the opportunity to meet her, I went to the Grammy Awards, where Rita introduced me to other artists. We got talking and started talking about Sylvia [Venna, empresária]. It was really very bad. “I personally didn’t know Rita,” said Winderson Nunes’ ex-wife.

Luísa Sonza even revealed a partnership with Caetano Veloso

The two continued exchanging photos for a few more minutes. In the last topic discussed before the material to be broadcast on television, Pollyanna asks Luisa about the musical partnerships she has recently signed. “Are we talking about partnerships? With Baco Exu… the album is full of partnerships, it’s Demi Lovato, Duda Beats, Marina Sena,” stated the broadcaster, who was questioned by the singer, who corrected Duda Beat’s pronunciation and took the opportunity to continue. He added: “There is a surprise “In the last part of the album, which has not been released yet. It is Caetano, but no one knows yet.”

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The owner of Fantástico became interested and asked her to release the song on Sunday. “Great, you should have released this here,” he suggested. “I’ll be releasing a video here and today, but that will be later. Who knows, maybe we’ll be back here in three months?” the blonde jokes. Pollyanna then asks for more details about the partnership. He says: “It’s a re-recording of ‘You Don’t do you know me. It’s beautiful.” The official recording began soon after, with the journalist declaring the guest to be ‘an inspiration half, a mess half the ruin, and the mortal enemy of vanity’.

The first topic of the official interview is about Luísa Sonza’s transformation from Pandora to Escândalo Íntimo, her latest work. “It’s a process of getting to know myself artistically. In these early years of my solo career, I ended up slowly deepening myself. It’s also a personal process. It started when I was 17 years old, and I didn’t have a lot of experience yet. I was afraid of a lot of things.” Being from the countryside…we arrive in the big city and feel exhausted. “But it is always full of situations, even too much, but at the same time isolated and shy,” the singer noted.

The beginning of Luisa Sonza’s discomfort

About ten minutes pass without any complications. Until Pollyanna Abreta addresses the infidelity revelation on Mais VocêWhich would turn Chico’s song “into an anthem for broken hearts” when the journalist wonders if she decided to read the letter to break a pattern of her own creativity. That day marks a “break in the cycle,” confirms Luisa. “When I found out everything that happened, if I didn’t take the initiative, I would become a laughingstock and everything would turn against me,” the singer said.

“I had already been through other things where I was guilty of being too quiet. So, first and foremost, I wanted that leadership role for myself. I wanted to have the strength to come out of this, and for that I needed strong action like the one I took to reveal myself, to love myself, “And to make this beautiful music of love… Betrayal often benefits the man, because he comes out of a stallion, of this and that. And the woman came out as the one who didn’t realize that something was wrong. I wanted to change this game. You are ugly, and the other is bad. You were fragile.” , confirmed the singer.

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Next, Luisa reveals behind the scenes of that morning on Globo. “Anna Maria was very welcoming. I got there on the show, we talked in the dressing room and I said I didn’t know what to do. There was a whole script to play Chico, something completely romantic, videos of me that the production released on social media, for my friend “The former was on the screen. There was no way to pretend that nothing had happened, there was already a commotion going on. I told Ana Maria that I would not be able to sing Chico. We talked for a long time, we cried together, I talked about the script.”

Finally, the climate

Less enthusiastic than in the first minutes of the conversation, Luisa Sonza decided to clearly indicate that she was uncomfortable with the direction of the interview. “These are sensitive topics, and I find them very uncomfortable. I realize that I’m a public person, and that we have to talk here, and you as a journalist have to ask me, because well… it’s something everyone knows. But it’s uncomfortable for me to talk about a topic like this on on national television several times. It’s a snowball. “My intention was just to have a love song,” he said.

“When you put your life on stage, as I did, people participate in your life,” Pollyanna replied. “They’re just curious people. People want to know, people are curious, we’re going through this, unfortunately. I don’t see it that way. Since you put your music out, people have the right to say what they want, to ask what they want, and should I respond?” Because it is my duty? No! But it is clear that we are stuck in this place, because I have to promote my album. The artist confirmed that no one will ever take this song from me.

“I think she talks about you more than anyone else,” the Fantástico presenter continued. “Absolutely. It’s a song about me, and what I can do for love and everything. And we want to do an English and Spanish version of this song. We’re pulling strings to create versions in other languages. It’s a very beautiful song, an achievement I’m very proud of. It’s a song Beautiful,” concluded the singer.

Without a hut: Luisa Sonza and Pollyana Abreta hold hands after finishing an interview with Fantástico (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Did Louisa leave the theater after facing condemnation?

Contrary to what was reported by Folha de S. Paulo and Vovocalisando, Luisa did not leave the program stage or stop recording. Shortly after the upset caused by the developments of the song Chico, Pollyanna Abreta decided to address the lawsuit that the singer faced for a racial slur. “At the same time as this happened, when you went to Anna Maria, information came to light that a case you were responding to on charges of racism had been closed, and that you had retracted the matter and paid compensation. What was that episode like for you?” Asked.

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Without any pause or interruption, the singer answered the question. It was an act of moral injury that occurred in 2020. And this [o acordo] It was before, for me it was closed before [de sua participação no Mais Você]. This news has nothing to do with it [com a leitura da carta]”, declared the singer, who was interrupted by the journalist. “On the same day I was in Ana María Braga, news came that the operation was closing. “That’s why I’m asking you,” replied the Fantástico owner.

“Great! But that’s all. I’m talking more about this topic, which I think is a sensitive topic. It’s someone else’s topic, and the agreement with this other person is that we leave it, not talk about it. And I respect that above all. I’m very careful.” “In speaking, I’m very careful about how I talk about this topic. In my documentary I talk in a clearer way about all of this. It’s a very important topic, and it needs to be taken seriously, discussed, and that’s it.” After that, Pollyanna returns to the topic of the profession and speaks About the Multishow Award.

The interview continued until the end without any complications, and the last question in the program is about what Luisa Sonza used to listen to, and the artist says that she is experiencing a “very strong” moment with bossa nova, saying that she has studied this genre a lot, and he claims that he listens to the entire discography of Chico Buarque, In addition to Brazilian rock and music from the 80s. The last line of the recording is with Pollyanna Abreta recalling the surreal video premiere, with the two holding hands. The official photo shoot ends and the two return to small talk.

A few minutes later, Luísa Sonza returned to the program stage, but only this time to perform, as happens with most artists who go to Fantástico studios in person. Upon completion of the presentation, the work was completed within the originally scheduled schedule, without any delay. Even in the prevailing climate, Pollyanna and the singer continued to talk backstage for a long time, exchanging laughs and emojis — the initial filing shows them exchanging movie recommendations.

In the video below, readers Pop TV You can check exclusively – and without any kind of editing – the moment when Luisa Sonza was uncomfortable with the direction of the interview, while asking about the symbolism of the song from her previous relationship, as well as the answer to the question involving the legal agreement concluded between her and Isabel Macedo. On television, Luisa Sonza’s meeting with Pollyanna Abreta is supposed to be shown only on October 29.

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