The “tomb” of Ice Age mammoths was discovered in the UK (and there is a documentary along the way)

The "tomb" of Ice Age mammoths was discovered in the UK (and there is a documentary along the way)

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Archaeologists have unearthed a “grave” of mammoths that died during the last ice age in a quarry in Swindon, a town in southwestern England.

An archeological site from the late Ice Age was recently discovered in a quarry in Swindon, southwest England.

‘S bones were found by researchers Five months – one offspring, two young men and two adults -, and Stone tools made by Neanderthals, Small stone tools called axes and scrapers are used to clean the skins of animal carcasses.

“It’s always unusual to find mammoth bones, but it’s exceptional to find bones that are so ancient, well preserved and so close to Neanderthal stone tools,” commented co-founder Lisa Westcott Wilkins. Adventures, Inside Release.

Another interesting detail is that the mummies were discovered Small At their age than you might expect. This suggests that there will be species Shrunk Climate change is a result of the ice age, especially in winter.

As some prehistoric evidence points out, the group’s future goal is to find out why so many mammoths died in one place, and whether Neanderthals hunted animals.

As stated in it Direct science, Discoveries about the “grave” of the mammoths are described in the new documentary BBC, Attenborough and Mammoth Cemetery, David Attenborough and Ben Garrot are evolutionary biologists at the University of East Anglia, UK.

The product will air in late December BBC One.

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