“The Third Woman” · TV news

"The Third Woman" · TV news

pilar (Gabriela Medvedovsky) will discover a moldy giant Diego (Mohamed Harfouche) in In the time of the emperor. after, after To learn that the lawyer made an agreement with Tonico (Alexander Nero) to persuade her to sell her father’s farm, will also learn that her boyfriend has two other wives. “I would like to see Pilar Cavalcante as the third wife of Diego Valente,” the deputy will reveal on the Globo telenovela.

No The chapter scheduled to air next Tuesday (16)., the doctor will have a conversation between the two, in which it will appear that they have come together to make a coup. Diego will say, ‘I did my best, Tonico, to sell the farm! It was unfortunate that Samuel was there also in Reconcavo.’ At that moment, the girl will interrupt the conversation.

“You caught the crooks together! Bastards!” Pilar will shoot. Toneko replied, “Look who’s there! Can you calm down the little foal? I just wanted to do you a favor, and buy your share of that shoddy farm.”

After that, Diego will try to explain himself to his beloved, but it will be useless. “We have nothing to talk about! Who invented the fake buyer? You or him? Good thing Samuel [Michel Gomes] “Sister” warned me Dolores (Daphne Buzsky).

two families

Tonico will use the fight to make fun of his ex-fiancée: “Oh, come on, I’m so impatient for that, no. I’d like to see Pilar Cavalcante as the one.
The third wife of Diego Valente.

The young woman will be confused, and the jerk will open wide because Diego is already married. “Diego already has two families, half a dozen children. And you, another idiot who has fallen on his lips. Is that good for you, clever?”

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