The target of 2100 will not be achieved by 2030

The target of 2100 will not be achieved by 2030

The first goal of the Paris Agreement has already been missed. To achieve the main goal by 2100, the Paris Agreement also sets sub-goals with shorter deadlines.

Planet 1.7Celsius hotter. To prevent a 2°C rise in temperature by the end of the century, all countries in the world (except Iran, Libya, Yemen and Eritrea) have committed to preventing global temperature rise from reaching 1.5°C in the coming decades. However, the planet would actually be 1.7 degrees Celsius hotter.

The temperature has risen since the Paris Agreement. The average increase was lower 1.2°C, When the treaty was signed in 2015, according to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

The average global temperature was 1.7°C above pre-industrial levels in 2018-2022.
Excerpt from the study

Illustration shows businessman Richard Hartmann's factory, in Germany, in 1868 Image: public domain

How the research was conducted

The scientists used samples of a type of marine sponge. With a soft outer body and a limestone skeleton, hard sponges are known for recording the temperature of the upper ocean (which interacts with the atmosphere) and climatic conditions. The researchers analyzed temperatures over the past 300 years recorded by sponges collected in the eastern Caribbean Sea, “where temperature variability is lower than in other locations.”

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