The Sweet Tooth actress leaves fans with a jaw-dropping realistic look. a look

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Fantasy series can always surprise fans behind the scenes. With sweet tooth, based on comics from Capital for the purpose of Netflix, is no different.

On social media, viewers searched the most for Dania Ramirez. in series Capital, the actress best known for heroes and X-Men is Amy Eden.

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Her character arrives with a farmer’s look. The celebrity even explained that the character creates a safe place for hybrids in it sweet tooth.

In the profile shots of Dania Ramirez, fans were shocked. The famous woman stands with her hair down and in summer clothes like dresses and bikinis.

onlookers series Netflix We are pleased with the appearance of the actress from sweet tooth in the real life. Check out the actress in the series below. Capital Then Instagram posts.

Based on a comic book by Vertigo, Seal Capital Caricature sweet tooth It tells the story of Gus, a deer hybrid boy who has lived in seclusion with his father since birth – until he encounters a seemingly casual encounter with a rude and angry loner named Jeppard.

This sets him on a journey not just across what’s left of America, but toward loss of innocence, self-discovery, and the truth of hybrids.

The series stars Christian Convery as Joss, a boy nicknamed sweet tooth.

Other names include Nunso Anozzi, Will Forte, Adil Akhtar, Dania Ramirez, Stefania Owen, Neil Sandilands and Aliza Villani. Experienced actor James Brolin is the narrator of the series.

Produced by Robert Downey Jr., Season 1 of sweet tooth Already available on Netflix.

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