The SUS vaccination certificate can be issued in three different languages

The SUS vaccination certificate can be issued in three different languages

application ConnectSUS People who are immune to Covid-19 are allowed to issue a certificate of vaccination. Now, the SUS app provides an option to do this in three different languages, so that it can be used in other countries.

According to the Ministry of Health, this can be beneficial for people who need to travel to other countries and have to comply with some vaccination requirements. Since the application is official from the Brazilian government, the receipt tends to be valid.

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Now, in addition to Portuguese, it is possible to issue a vaccination certificate in English and Spanish. With this said, the most visited countries are covered by Brazilians. Remember that with the Covid-19 pandemic, much of the world has placed restrictions on the entry of tourists. With vaccination this can be changed.

Is available for Android NS iOSConecta SUS records all vaccines applied in public and private networks – not just Covid-19. The app also keeps data on appointments, hospitalizations, medications prescribed and exams taken.

However, the Ministry of Health has clarified that it is not necessary to be a Conecta SUS user to be vaccinated against Covid-19. If you do not have the application, simply head to the health center, when the user is asked to take their dose, an identification document with the CPF number.

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