The suitcase disappears after the flight and the passenger finds it in an apartment building with other empty buildings

The suitcase disappears after the flight and the passenger finds it in an apartment building with other empty buildings

A United Airlines passenger had the unpleasant experience of the airline losing her bag. Despite this, she was aware and before the flight bought an Apple AirTag, which ensured that she detected not only the unusual places of her things, but also that the airline was lying.

The traveler in question is Valerie Szybala, who told her entire story through posts on Twitter, practically in real time. Not only was his bag tracked, but talks with the airline were sparked. Online by the woman.

In the end, the most bizarre thing was discovering that his suitcase was in an apartment complex, where other suitcases were also “abandoned” outside, making up a rocampolis scene.

the story

In a long thread on Twitter, Valerie Cizibala shared the journey she took while trying to retrieve her lost bag. First, she began the conversation by claiming that United had lied to her about the location of her bag and that she had evidence thanks to the AirTag, a small device from Apple designed to track the location of objects via GPS.

The tweet has been viewed over twelve million times and generated a great deal of engagement on the social media platform.

Later, the topic continues with Valerie claiming that the United representative, who helped her via a direct message on the social network, stopped responding when she asked for explicit details about the airline’s lost baggage policy.

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The employee who helped Szybala was less than courteous and told her: Calm down, your bag is on deliveryBut that wasn’t the truth. Using a GPS locator, I learned that the bag had been in the same place for two days, and had been taken to McDonald’s, shortly before returning to the apartment complex, a clear sign that someone was moving it.

Find the bag

Later, the suitcase was again shown moving, but stopped at the shopping complex, where it remained for 30 minutes. Szybala thought the luggage might have been given to her, but she quickly became disappointed when she saw her things returned to the apartment complex.

After days of tracking down her luggage and trying to retrieve it, Szibala found it. Although the bag was recovered, the strangeness was far from over. According to another tweet, Szybala went to the apartment complex trying to locate the suitcase.

While there, the suspense increased after she saw other empty suitcases placed outside the building. Also, at that moment she received a text message that she found suspiciousAnd An employee of a delivery company.

The message (available below) said the bag was in his possession, but was instructed to give it to another passenger. When the bug was located, he had to collect it again before handing it to her.

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Then the driver of the delivery car showed up with the suitcase and was surprised to see the news crew, thinking he was in trouble, but Szibala called the local press to cover his case.

She said she was overjoyed to have her bag back and adds that she can’t believe what the driver told her, as well as how he didn’t explain why she was spending the weekend at an apartment complex. It was not clear why the other bags were outside the building.

The big question I had was whether this was an honest mistake or if there was an intent to steal the bag, which after the case had received such publicity, did not happen.

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