The study says that the Vikings workshop in the ninth century may prove the existence of the Valkyries

According to a new hypothesis, the mysterious statues of long-haired women wearing helmets and long dresses armed with swords and shields represent real women, not mythical figures.

A jewelry store in Denmark, dating back to the 9th century, at the dawn of the Viking Age, hinted at how precious figures were made and what they represented.

legendary warriors Their task was to elect the most heroic warriors killed in battle and lead them to the Hall of Gods.

However, a study, published by Medieval Archeology, based on new discoveries in Ribe, Denmark, suggests that the figures found represent women who played a major role in Viking festivals or celebrations.

according to With Sindbæk, these festivities may have a special meaning for the Viking Age Scandinavia people.

Furthermore, the study suggests that Viking age gender roles in Scandinavia may have been more complex than previously thought.

“The women were really prominent in these rituals,” Sindbeck said.

“This does not show us a fight, you cannot enter a fight in a long train dress […] “Warriors are one thing, but that’s not what the statues show,” said archaeologist Soren Michael Sindbach.

more than Seven thousand pieces Found in Ribe’s workshop. Apparently, the figures were carved from clay molds, into which molten bronze was later cast. Some parts have been recreated using 3D scanning and rebuilding.

“With one model, you can make hundreds of copies,” Sandbeck said.

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The Viking Age (793-1066) was a period of conquest by the Vikings, who established settlements in Iceland, Ireland, the British Isles and Greenland, and reached North America, It’s called Vinland.

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