The study reveals audience preference for brands that sponsor women’s sports

The study reveals audience preference for brands that sponsor women’s sports

Audiences are buying more from brands that sponsor women’s sports, according to A seek Women’s Sports Trust (WST) in United kingdom. The study revealed that 16% of the British population are more likely to buy products from brands that sponsor women’s sports, compared to 13% who sponsor men’s sports. The survey also showed that 60% of people believe brands should invest in men’s and women’s sports.

According to the study, women-exclusive agreements were effective in attracting new audiences and increasing brand affinity. Additionally, 29% of people have a more positive opinion of companies that support women’s sports through sponsorship, compared to 17% who support men’s sports.

The study provided concrete examples, such as caring O2 To the women’s national team Football England, which 14.6 million people know and care about Coke the Women’s World Cup from FIFAWhich is known by 14.4 million people. The research also highlighted how new sponsors of women’s sports are increasing brand affinity, especially among women.

Base and sustainability

Furthermore, research has shown that community-focused actions and popular sports have a positive impact on brand perception. About 47% of people believe that these measures have a positive impact.

Another 45% say that actions that promote sustainability and environmental initiatives generate empathy among the audience, making the brand more likely to be consumed.

Fans also expect brands to celebrate athletes’ excellence on the field, with 38% believing brands should produce content that encourages the excitement of sport.

The study concluded that women’s sports sponsorship that focuses on community and grassroots sports is more likely to generate recommendation and consideration by the sponsor. Two in five Britons would like to see more brands getting involved in supporting women’s sport at a community or grassroots level, taking it to three in five among fans of women’s sport and women’s football.

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