The store opening shows the power of suspension and carelessness with the pandemic

The store opening shows the power of suspension and carelessness with the pandemic

Entrepreneur Luciano Hang brought together the main talent of RedeTV! And an SBT owner at the opening of a new store in Havan, in Osasco (SP), at noon Wednesday (28). The event gained publicity through posts written by the businessman and many guests.

The photos show guests very close to each other without a mask, at odds with a recommendation from health authorities around the world over a pandemic Corona Virus.

The Hang store chain is a significant advertiser and sponsor of programs on both channels.

In one of the released pictures (look up), Hangs out with Marcelo de Carvalho, Vice President of RedeTV! João Kleber, Luciana Gimenez, Patricia Abravanel, Ligia Mendes, Luis Ernesto Lacombe, and Tirulipa. Nelson Robbins and Gabrielle Cartolano also appear in other photos.

Patricia Abravanel was one of the guests who spoke at the event. Excerpts from her speech, addressed to Hang, were posted by herself on Instagram: “I’m not here because he’s paying me, no. I came here out of gratitude. I’m very grateful to him, of course, because he trusts SBT not only is he who speaks, he speaks. And he does. “

In October last year, Silvio Santos also gave a speech thanking Hang. The businessman was in Belem, opened a store in his chain, and the owner of SBT appeared on a screen during the ceremony to congratulate the businessman who was celebrating his birthday the next day.

“Luciano, I know you have a birthday and I can only congratulate you and thank you for the support you have given SBT and the friend you show (to be), for the admiration you have for your friends,” Silvio said.

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A month ago, in September, journalist Rachel Scheherazade gave an interview in which she attributed the suspension of non-renewal of her contract with SBT.

Journalist Leo Dias asked, “When exactly did you realize that the future in SBT was nearing an end?” She said, “There are many things, but the statement of the owner of Havan, who calls himself a” Havan Guy. “He went to the audience to ask for my head. He is one of the biggest sponsors of SBT and the other big broadcasters too. So, there I really felt something.”

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