The sixth wall indicates the elimination of the Big Fone candidate · TV News

The sixth wall indicates the elimination of the Big Fone candidate · TV News

Who will leave BBB 24 tomorrow? The 6th Wall poll indicates that Juninho will be the next to leave the Globo reality show on Tuesday (30). In a feud against Lucas Luigi, Isabel Nogueira and Alan Dias, the Rio native was the least voted to remain in the dispute for the Millionaire Award. He was one of the nominees by Marcus Vinicius, who answered Big Fone on Friday (26).

The research he conducted the news It has more than 65 thousand voters so far. Juninho received only 10.61% of the votes to remain. Next, Luigi received 15.14% of overall preference. The female pair has a huge advantage over their male opponents.

Allan received 26.29% of the votes, and Manawarra came in first place, with 47.96% – and it is no surprise that she entered the program after a popular vote, with the public choosing her and Davey Brito to join the BBB stable staff. 24. This is Isabel's first wall.

According to the UOL poll, Juninho is also supposed to be the sixth one to leave the reality show. Of the more than 142,000 votes in the poll, the motorcycle courier represents 10.39%. Then come Alan (21.32%), Lucas Luigi (31.88%) and Isabel Nogueira (36.41%).

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Polls are not scientific in nature and only represent a trend on the part of BBB 24 viewers. Official wall voting takes place on Gshow through two options: individual voting or fan voting. The result will be announced by Tadeo Schmidt in the live version on Tuesday (30).

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The sixth wall will mark the end of the program's “Vote for Good”. This will be the last hot seat with a vote to remain. From The Seventh Wall onwards, the elimination selection system will be based on voting to leave – a method considered “standard” for Big Brother Brazil.

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