The sites report that Ghost of Tsushima has lost “PlayStation Exclusive” on the cover; Not the only change

Ghost of Tsushima

Several websites have reported in recent days that the cover of Ghost of Tsushima The “Only for PlayStation” (only on PlayStation) info is missing at the top. Some of these sites include VGCAnd the push the box and many others.

For this reason, the first conclusion everyone takes from this is that Sucker Punch Productions is on its way to the PC. It’s not impossible, considering we’ve already got it Horizon Zero Dawn e Days gone by.

But there are three points that need to be emphasized and that everyone ignores. The first is that this information is outdated. In Brazil, copies circulated without exclusive information for several months. The second point is that no one seems to have noticed that Sony has changed the phrase simply by adding the PlayStation Studios logo. The company may no longer use this phrase on their covers precisely because they already have the PS Studios logo – which brings us to our third point: this may simply be a new standard from Sony.

Games released in late 2020 that are exclusive, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales e Sackboy: Great Adventure-You don’t have “PlayStation Only”. Not only that, but no PS5 exclusive (like back e Questions and rumbles: In another dimension, For example). This only reinforces that the company may want to retire from this special offer and not necessarily Ghost of Tsushima It will be released for PC.

Again, it’s not impossible for us to see Jin’s adventure on Steam and the Epic Games Store, but deleting the phrase doesn’t mean “confirmation of the PC version” and that’s what we want to emphasize.

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