The shift in Vanderson’s exit was an email with apologies

The shift in Vanderson's exit was an email with apologies

Van Anderson is in Monaco, where he is undergoing medical checks to sign a contract with Monaco. The trip ends with a bargain with a touch of craftsmanship. Grêmio has already fired the right side to carry out the process of obtaining a visa and exchanging documents with Brentford, of England, but on Sunday (19) the Principality Club entered the negotiations. With a bigger suggestion, the process shifted. There was an official apology.

Apologies were given via email. The player had made a verbal agreement with Brentford and had written a letter thanking the negotiations and explaining the selection of Monaco.

Negotiations concluded quickly, with staff in France and Porto Alegre, between the principals of Monaco and Marcio Cruz, a Vanderson businessman, in contact with Grêmio.

To better understand the idea of ​​a formal apology, you need to go back in time. Brentford attempted to sign Vanderson in August. There were two formal proposals, which Grêmio rejected. In December, the English club returned.

Grêmio and Brentford agreed on the method of payment so that Vanderson received tickets to fly to Rio de Janeiro, in search of a work visa for the United Kingdom. The trip never happened. Because of the Monaco attack at the weekend.

Monaco’s show was superior, both for the player and for Gremio. The club also added easier-to-earn bonuses, increasing the chance of additional transfer revenue.

In addition to the contract, the chance of titles being contested in the short term, at a more prominent club, also influenced the player’s decision.

Van Anderson will return to Brazil at Christmas and New Year’s, and he has another trip scheduled for the start of 2022, where he will surely present himself at the new club. Grêmio will keep 70% of the 12 million euros in negotiations.

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