The Senate approves projects expanding the services provided at SUS | Policy

The Senate approves projects expanding the services provided at SUS |  Policy

On Tuesday (17), the Federal Senate approved three projects to expand the services provided by the Unified Health System (SUS).

The first is to oblige the public system to perform reconstructive surgery for people with cleft lip, a deformity that occurs during fetal development.

In addition to the surgical procedure, the proposal also provides for monitoring by a speech therapist, psychiatrist and orthodontist, all through SUS.

The text was approved in the Council, but since it was amended in the Senate, it will be returned for analysis by deputies.

Psychological assistance

Another project approved by senators guarantees psychological assistance to women from pregnancy to the postpartum period in the public health network.

Zenaide Maya (PSD-RN), rapporteur of the motion, noted that about 10% of pregnant women and 13% of postpartum women currently suffer from anxiety and depression and need quality medical care.

“It is necessary to raise awareness about mental health during pregnancy and postpartum and provide psychological assistance at these critical moments for the health of women and their children,” Maya said.

Organ donation policy

The third project, which was approved on Tuesday (17), establishes a national policy to raise awareness and motivate donation and transplantation of organs and tissues.

The rapporteur of the proposal in the plenary session, Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE), noted that although Brazil is a global “reference” in the field of organ transplantation, it is important to create an educational policy that maintains this policy.

The text will go to the President’s approval.

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