The secret to the cheapest electricity bill. Save and save your money

The secret to the cheapest electricity bill.  Save and save your money

Is the energy bill expensive? Know that a few modifications to the family routine can lead to significant savings. In addition to cutting back on hot showers, you can turn off some appliances overnight to see a difference the next day Invoices🇧🇷 Learn how to ensure wallet comfort.

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Let us agree that saving light at home is about more than just thinking light on the pocket. It’s also about taking care of the environment. Minimize consumption Electricity It is a challenge that everyone must face together. In your home, a little care will make all the difference. Just see how.

Turn off the devices

Of course, in some cases there is no way out. The refrigerator, for example, cannot be turned off. Otherwise, you may miss out on a lot of food that needs to be refrigerated. However, you can turn others off household appliance They are not used very often, even less at night.

If no idea has crossed your mind yet, check out the tips! But first of all, pay attention. Unplug devices if you are not going to use them. Some of them are programmed to work in mode Suspensionthat is, if you do not unplug it, it may not actually be turned off, therefore, the Economie did not happen.

You can turn off the following devices every day.

  • Television: keep working on it Suspension🇧🇷 To really save money, take it off the plug;
  • Sound system: many models have LEDs that consume a lot of energy;
  • microwave: display containing time information, for example, consumes Electricity🇧🇷 If you’re asleep, you don’t need to leave it;
  • conditioning: Turn it on hours before bed, just to cool the room down. It is not necessary to leave it on overnight, except during times when it is very hot.
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