The second installment of income tax refund has been announced

The second installment of income tax refund has been announced

Those who did not receive the first payment of IRPF Refund Payment 2024 (Individual income tax) There is no need to worry. The next deposit already has a date to be made, and those who has priority, But they are not included, they should have it.

The second installment of income tax refund has been announced
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Hey The second installment of income tax refund It will be paid in June. In the first deposit made in May, R$9.5 billion was released tax authority, the highest value in history. The new payment may not reach this value, but others will benefit from it Millions of people.

How can I check if I will receive the second installment of my income tax refund?

There are several reasons why taxpayers may be so Included in the second installment of your income tax refund.

How to be Legal priority (The elderly, the disabled, or those whose income comes from teaching). Submit the ad Until the beginning of this April They have no errors In your document, you sent Pre-filled ad And he chose to be Refunded via PIX.

The query that will tell you who is already in this batch will be Available June 21. To check, simply:

  • arrive to Federal Revenue website Click on “Income Tax”;
  • Now, select “Verify my refund” and then “Get Started”;
  • Enter: CPF, date of birth and year of submission of the document;
  • Get access to information.

When will the second installment of my income tax refund be paid?

Hey Income tax payment schedule For 2024 available now. This means that there is already a deposit date this month. The sooner you submit the ad, The faster taxpayer money is recovered.

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Package payday
the first 05/31/2024
the second 06/28/2024
the third 07/31/2024
the fourth 08/30/2024
Fifth 09/30/2024

Payment is made to the registered current account, or to PIX using the CPF key. I know Check where the deposit will be madelook In this regard.

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