The Russian ambassador to Brazil says sanctions have failed

The Russian ambassador to Brazil says sanctions have failed

According to Alexei Lapitsky, there was no shortage of products and there was “opening up new business possibilities.”

Russia’s ambassador to Brasilia, Alexei Lapitsky, said that Western sanctions imposed on Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine have failed. According to him, the procedures were “illegal“It had unexpected effects.

He added: “We are convinced that the unilateral sanctions imposed by Western countries are illegal. When we talk about the current economic situation in the world, we must take into account that the sanctions imposed on Russia have already stated in an interview with the newspaper the world, published this Saturday (September 23, 2023). “We are not short of anything. Sanctions opened new possibilities for Russian businessmen in domestic and foreign markets.

In response to a question about the meeting with the Brazilian presidents, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), and from Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, Lapitsky responded that Russia respects “Sovereign policy“From Brazil, which he called”Strategic partner“.

Heads of state gathered in New York (USA) on Wednesday (September 20) where they are participating in the UN General Assembly meetings. Lola He said “He was with Zelensky.”Good conversation about the importance of peacebuilding pathways“. Ukrainian President Classify meeting as “building” that it “Amen“.

The Russian ambassador called Zelensky and “The regime installed in Ukraine” in “Almost neo-NaziAccording to him, the Ukrainians are acting against Russia.

An anti-Russian regime, one unfortunately based on the values ​​promoted by fascist Germany. What’s more: This regime, installed in 2014, has proven to be a puppet of foreign powers.He added that Moscow appreciates this.“All of Brazil’s thoughts on the possibilities of resolving the conflict.” in Ukraine.

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We understand very well the goals that the Brazilian side, and the President personally, want to achieve. But the reality is different. The Ukrainians themselves have a law prohibiting diplomatic talks with Russia“, he stated.

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