The road to level 100 is sending Diablo IV fans into a tailspin

The road to level 100 is sending Diablo IV fans into a tailspin

For RPG fans, reaching the top of the characters while playing is a mandatory and oftentimes fun task. Well, at least that was supposed to be the case. Apparently, Diablo IV appeared to break the stigmas of the genre and lead the “whole” community into exhaustion.

Netizens revealed that it is essential 487 million experience points to max out – average for casual players. Interestingly, it is necessary to accumulate 243.5 million XP to reach level 85, an amount equivalent to halfway to level 100.

In this way, Diablo IV annihilates any sense of its proximity to the ultimate fan-requested goals. Being only level 15 short of hitting the first hundred doesn’t feel like much closer given the level of scaling. The process is mentally stressful.

Check out some of the reactions from netizens below. reddit:

by U / Alchem from the discussion Fun fact: Level 85 is halfway to level 100 in terms of experience
in Diablo 4

I’m at level 75 and already frustrated with the slow progress.

“Also I’m at level 75 right now, which is pretty hard. I mostly play alone, and a level 38 nightmare dungeon has me fighting level 92 monsters that gives me basically 0 experience points. Like I’m talking about 1/8 of a level maybe. I have no idea what the best farm is XP, but higher level NM dungeons should drop more, along with better loot,” user explainsRunNelleyRun“.

The estimated time to level 100 in Diablo IV is unreasonable

In a message posted on Twitter, Blizzard’s Joseph Piepiora commented that it would take about 150 hours to reach level 100 in Diablo IV. This estimated time does not take into account XP glitches and summarizes an adventure traditionally based on race and grinding Consecutive

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If the fans are more demanding and want to build solid builds for each of the available classes, the time will be used absurdly. To reach 100% Constitution – stats only – with all heroes, the dedication time can be up to 750 hours.

first tweet – PCGamer’s interview with you says that level 80 plus is a bit more to get to level 100 in the game, but older interviews suggest up to 150 hours to get to level 100. Can you explain which is more accurate?

Second tweet Reaching level 100 will take over 150 hours of experience for the average player.

Diablo IV is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

Do you intend to reach level 100 in the game? How long have you been campaigning? comment!

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