The rival arms itself to bring down Unimed

The rival arms itself to bring down Unimed

The businessman officially purchased the brand, which competes with Unimed and is one of the main providers of medical services in Brazil

A billion dollar negotiation has finally been concluded. For those who haven't followed, I tend It was sold and many customers had doubts about the future of the group's activities.

Previously, the company was owned by UnitedHealth Group. Now, a major Brazilian businessman has made a takeover, after speculation had surfaced since last year.

Amiel was sold to businessman José Serebiri Filho for R$11 billion, but will continue to provide the same medical services (Photo: Disclosure)

According to CNN Brasil, José Serebiri Filho, known as Junior, founder of Qualicorp and Qsaúde, bought Amil for R$11 billion. However, until negotiations were completed, the health plan operator was in the crosshairs of another company.

Also according to the publication, the company was also the subject of competition by businessman Nelson Tanor, of operator Alliança, as well as US private equity fund Bain Capital, which was an important shareholder in NotreDame Intermédica, a competitor.

Amil, a direct competitor to Unimed, operates with 19 hospitals and 52 units across Brazil (Image: Disclosure)

What changes for customers with a factor sale?

Proncon-SP has already released some important information to the company's medical payers. The foundation states that the level of brand activities cannot be changed, no matter who is in charge.

Three advertisements for INSS, Cesare Tralli - (reproduction online)

Change, early benefit and recall of pensioners: 3 urgent announcements of INSS confirmed by Tralli

Health plans must adapt if PL is approved (Reproduction: Internet)

Seniors over 60 at a party today (14): Amil and Unimed are annihilated and this is the new cheapest agreement in Brazil

Banco do Brasil issues 3 additional payments - Image: Internet

Bonus for pensioners in February, increased savings and + R$ 3,000: Banco do Brasil issues 3 additional payments

There are laws that guarantee rights to clients who feel harmed in any way. This sale comes amid the operating loss recorded at the beginning of last year, which would have amounted to 1.6 billion Brazilian riyals. Then new strategies emerged.

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Amil has the second largest medical infrastructure network in Brazil. There are 19 hospitals and 52 care units, such as outpatient clinics and diagnostic centres.

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