'The response will come from the competent authorities'

'The response will come from the competent authorities'

Zee de Abreu allegedly posted a photo of Rosa with her father and son on social media, then deleted the post

Murilo Rosa engaged in an online battle with Zé de Abreu

Murilo Rosa engaged in an online battle with Zé de Abreu

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the actor Murilo Rosa He made a post on his Instagram account saying that he will seek justice against the actor as well. Jose de Abreu78 years old, after they quarreled on social media.

“Wow, Jose de Abreu just posted a photo of me with my father who died 8 months ago and my minor son,” Murillo wrote in a post bearing a black photo with the word “unacceptable” written in white. On this Sunday night, 2.

“This is very low and he had a clear intention to abuse me, and attack me using my family, my greatest emotion. But I will not resist. For this there is civil and criminal justice. The lack of respect for my son and my pain for losing my father is unacceptable. He added that your response will come from the competent authorities in all areas… “.

The post published by Zé de Abreu with a photo of Murillo with his family has been deleted. However, the actor continued the provocation by talking about Rosa being from Vasco, and the club's 6-1 loss to Flamengo this weekend.

Understanding combat

María Zelda mentioned Zé de Abreu in a podcast with Murilo Rosa in February. The actress said at the time that she noticed while acting with Abreu that he suffered from bad breath. Three months later, the actor decided to respond to the accusations against X, and needleed Morello.

“It's up. I wouldn't stand for a former actress who had no respect among her peers to say anything about me. And even more so, if he had been living with another piece of shit, if he had deserved it, he would have stood up for me. It's no surprise that he did.” “MURILAR” is in Globo, i.e. act like Murilo Rosa. I don't talk about him anymore, he doesn't deserve itHe previously wrote on his Twitter account. On the third Monday of this month, Zé ​​de Abreu's account was deleted.

Afterward, Zee said he received a phone call from Murillo, but he refused to talk.

Without mentioning Abreu's name, Rosa posted a text on Instagram describing one of her co-stars in the film “A Casa das Sete Mulheres” (2003) who had “a strange look coming from around the corner, alert, with a gray face and a negative aura. This is Aura, wearing a black abaya.” Did you accompany us throughout the filming period?

Morillo also explained that the term “Morilando,” which Zee used to provoke him, came in a friendly way. “Are we focused on doing our best, on moving forward, on helping, contributing and overcoming? “Jaime Monjardim coined a term of affection and still asks me to this day ‘Where am I Morilando’,” Jaime Monjardim wrote on Instagram.

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