The Queen of Institutions, Alan makes the decisions about the house!

The Queen of Institutions, Alan makes the decisions about the house!

now It's actually the one with the most hits inside the BBB 24 house and contributed to Tá Com Nada. But she seems to have made up her mind, at least, about her behavior at home.

Lady Ellen remains neutral, but breaks BBB 24 records!

The last adventure was a very serious penalty: 500 Estalicas, after you took a cup from the party house. The offense brought the group closer to a new version of hardcore xepa.

In conversation, on the morning of March 11, with BeatriceShe said that the issue of deductions is not open for discussion.

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Furthermore, Alan said that she will no longer say anything about everyone's punishments, but will defend herself:

“Now it is a situation where I have no morals to say anything else. When someone says this nonsense, I will leave, and I can only defend myself.”

As the infidel plays, the Buddha wakes up confused. understands!

Beatrice advised her friend not to lower her head and gave an example:

“Don't keep your head down, everyone makes mistakes!” I went on stage Zandy Interest appeared. “I saw it, but at the time it was as if I didn’t see it.”

Find out why Emma Stone was compared to Beatrice at the Oscars!

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