The public doesn't want Davey's stage in the BBB 24 final; See poll

The public doesn't want Davey's stage in the BBB 24 final;  See poll

Hey David platform For the final BP24 It may never become real, poll shows Itataia Friday night (12). The brother – the favorite for the reality show – won an award The final testwhich lasted about 10 hours, already secured her place in TOP 3. However, her allies did not.

The 10pm segment shows that Isabelle, second on Davy's podium, could be the 21st eliminated from the programme. Manaora appears to have received 52.27% of the votes in favor of leaving.

On the other hand, everything indicates that Matthews, who finished third on the podium, guaranteed his brother a place in the final of the competition. gaucho – Defending champion for the lowest rejection of the season – He received only 4.74% of the votes.

The difference between Isabelle and Alan is approximately 10%. The woman from Parra emerged with 42.99% of the votes to leave the programme, indicating that she could replace ally Devi in ​​the programme's final.

David is the first finalist

He added: “The battle is over.” David In conversation with Alan in the outdoor area of ​​the most viewed house in the country on Friday (12). Brother is BBB 24 finalist He is the closest to winning the reality show's $1 million prize, which so far amounts to R$2,420,000.

“What's it like to make it to the BBB finals?” the sister asked. “I don't know how to explain it to you yet. The coin hasn't sunk in yet,” the app driver admitted.

“Tadeo will ask you,” said the dancer. “Man, there's no explanation. There's no. We're seeing everything we've been through here, in a very intense way and also everything that's happened to me. All the stories I've created here. It's been too much.”

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“I have a feeling that the fight will not end unless I look back and I have no one else to fight with. And now this is what happened. There is nothing left to fight for, the battle is over. Now just wait for the result.” He concluded by saying, “All “We had to make it here, we made it.”

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