“The psychiatrist’s case,” says Dado Villa Lobos about Renato Russo’s son

"The psychiatrist's case," says Dado Villa Lobos about Renato Russo's son

Dado Villa Lobos, a former member of Legião Urbana, called the son of Renato Russo, the band’s singer, “a psychiatrist case”. The musician and heir quarreled in court over copyright.

“We have always been open to an agreement and he didn’t even appear in court to expose his side. It really happened to me: Is it his personal revenge on his father? Giuliano needs love. That would be the case for Dadu, in an interview with Vega,” said his economic life It’s Renato who makes a lot of money in copyright.

When asked about the police operation that seized the squad’s old materials at Giuliano’s request, Dado was indignant.

“This police operation is crazy. Our life was inside those studios and it was handed over to Giuliano. However, there are unpublished versions of songs, like Renato Sings Fabrica in English, Experiments and studio residues. We wanted to release an album but without the permission of the heir the project wouldn’t come out of the stairs.” .

The musician also explained that the intention was only to honor the band’s history and not to acquire copyright.

“The idea was just a tour of the four albums, to preserve the memory of a group that was closely related to the Brazilian music scene. We never thought of going back with Legião,” he concluded.

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