The princess wrote a letter revealing the cancer

The princess wrote a letter revealing the cancer

A second source confirmed the role in the letter: “She wrote the words herself, delivered them herself, and wanted to decide when would be the right time to reach the world with this news.”

The choice of date was strategic, as Kate wanted to wait for the perfect moment to reveal to the public that she had cancer. It was all about what was best for the Middleton children: George, Louis and Charlotte.

William's wife only spoke publicly about the diagnosis when she and her family were comfortable doing so. So, the date is also designed to make sure that your children have maximum privacy and do not need to deal with any kind of harassment.

Last Friday was the first day of school vacation for the three heirs due to Easter. Schools will not resume until mid-April, which will make it easier for the family to stay away from all the repercussions and wait until the matter “calms down” a little.

Kate Middleton reveals diagnosis

After much speculation, Kate Middleton has come out publicly to reveal her cancer diagnosis. She did not reveal her gender, and according to the royal family team, this information will remain secret.

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