The poll says Miley is approved by 58% of Argentines

The poll says Miley is approved by 58% of Argentines

A poll released on Monday (January 15, 2024) with the approval level of 15 Argentine politicians showed that Javier Miley, the country's current president, had the approval of 58% of the country. It is led by former Argentine President Cristina Kirchner classification 67% of participants disagreed with the photos. The information is from Clarin.

After Miley, the politician with the best approval is the Vice President, Victoria Villarroel. It is highly appreciated 53% of the country, while the percentage of disagreement reached 35%. Former governor of the province of Cordoba, Juan Chiaretti comes in third place on the list, receiving 48% approval and 33% opposition.

Among the Argentine politicians with the highest rates of dissatisfaction with their photos is former President Cristina Kirchner, who was not approved by Parliament. 67% and 30% agreed. Next comes Former Minister Sergio Massa (66% disapproval and 31% approval). Former President Mauricio Macri rejects it by 65% ​​and approves it by 32%.

The research was conducted from December 2023 to January 2024 by the consulting company opinion It interviewed 1,200 people throughout the Argentine territory. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3%. The company responsible for the research was one of the best companies to predict the results of the Argentine elections in 2023.

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