The policeman who killed a black man in the US resigned after mixing the rifle with the electric stun; The Chief of Police also resigns Scientist

Officer Kim Potter, who shot and killed young black Don Wright during a weekend at the Brooklyn Center in Minnesota (United State), He resigned on Tuesday (13), and informed the mayor of the city. Local police chief Tim Janon also resigned.

Wright died on Sunday after being stopped as the vehicle registration expired. During the operation, the police discovered an arrest warrant for him. Officer Potter, then, Draw firearm instead of stun gun They shot the 20-year-old.

The killing of a black citizen by police bullets sparks a new wave of protests in the United States

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott said he agreed to the police officer’s resignation, but said he was not sure if she had done so with the fact that she knew she would be fired.

“We have to make sure that justice is served,” the mayor said. “Downright deserves it, and his family deserves it.”

Crowd protest in front of the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota Police Department on April 12, 2021, following the death of young black Don Wright in a police approach – Photo: Carlos Gonzalez / Star Tribune via Associated Press

So, in an already tense context in the Minneapolis City area, Hundreds of people have returned to the streets in anti-racism protests since Sunday. The authorities imposed a curfew, but that did not prevent the demonstrators from staying at the scene. There was a showdown, and Dozens of people were arrested.

Demonstrators demonstrate on Sunday (11) after the death of Don Wright in Minneapolis, USA. Photo: Christian Montrosa / AP Photo

The death of 20-year-old Don Wright occurred about 15 kilometers from where George Floyd was killed in May of last year, and also during police work in the United States.

Brooklyn Center Police said officers arrested a man for a traffic violation shortly before 2 p.m. and found he had an open arrest warrant.

The foundation said that while the police were trying to arrest him, he got into the car and the policeman fired. The driver even drove several streets before crashing into another vehicle and dying on the spot.

The family version is different. Daunte’s friend says he was shot before he got back in the car. She was in the car and was injured in the accident, but she is not in danger of her life.

Donati’s mother, Katie Wright, said her son called her when he was stopped and heard police officers order him out of the car.

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