The poetess competes for the audience on Saturday morning

The poetess competes for the audience on Saturday morning
Patricia and Paloma Poeta, sisters who will compete for the crowd on Saturday morning (Photo: Reproduo / Instagram)

After resigning Carla Secato, Who took command of the Saturday edition of Speak Brazil, a TV record j has a substitute for the position: Paloma is a poet. The title shouldn’t seem too strange to you. She will face the difficult task of opposing the morning crowd with her sister Patricia, who leads from homeGive Globo TV.

Paloma was pinned to the Rio de Janeiro registry, but was called up to score a pilot in São Paulo last Wednesday (12/05), already off the bench Speak Brazil. according to the newsThe Board approved the performance of the journalist, which she was confident of promoting to the National Radio Network.

Also according to the portal, the managers asked Paloma not to hold a public demonstration, until the presidents warned one of the owners about making changes to the platform. As found by Notcias da TV, the carrier Carla Secato, Launched by e-mail after 16 years of service provided anchor.

Sister Patricia Poita has made her career at Record do Rio Grande do Sul, where she serves local news. About a month ago Paloma started working at the radio station in Rio with her husband, Louise Beratininga, The current director of press in Rio de Janeiro.

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