The PlayStation 1 becomes a luxury item for listening to CDs; Understand why

The PlayStation 1 becomes a luxury item for listening to CDs;  Understand why

Any gamer knows the difficulty of getting rid of an old console, which ends up becoming a relic and synonymous with nostalgia. Now, “hoarders” who have saved their possessions PlayStation 1 They are rewarded!

In recent weeks, YouTube portals and channels specializing in audio have published a “secret function” for the late video game launched by Sony in 1994.

It turns out that according to a report from the portal splashThe PS1 had one of the best CD players among consoles at the time. The device’s acoustic processing is exemplary in balancing bass, midrange and treble, as well as reproducing clean and smooth sound.

Therefore, many audiophiles prefer to “turbocharge” a used PlayStation 1 – which can be found for 500 R$ here in Brazil, on average – rather than invest in high-quality CD players, which can cost more than 10,000. Brazilian real.

For those who enjoy the technical side, the explanation is that the console is equipped with a specialized audio processor, which is Sony CXD2922AGBwhich features excellent digital-analog conversion and a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, which is exactly the standard for CDs.

PlayStation 1 as a CD player

But wait, it’s not that simple. The PlayStation 1 models best suited for this function are the early American releases, e.g SCPH-1001 that it SCPH-1002Which uses separate audio and video outputs (the famous white and red cables).

Next, you need to connect the device to a high-end amplifier or receiver, which will ensure quality production. Another negative point is the fragility of the PS1, which is an old device made of plastic, with low durability.

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But given how hard it is to find CD players nowadays, those who love music in this format may have the solution to listen to it at home without even knowing it!

Below, you can watch a video demonstrating the result, although it’s difficult to understand the details without being there in person. However, it is interesting to note the clarity of the sound!

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