The player disconnects an opponent’s Xbox from a distance in Call of Duty and the video goes viral

The player disconnects an opponent’s Xbox from a distance in Call of Duty and the video goes viral

During a game of Warzone 2, a player says “Xbox is locked” and several opponents break up

users X-Box The One and Series S/X can perform various voice commands through the Kinect accessory, making your day easier. But what if this feature is used to harm the player? That’s exactly what happened.

In Warzone 2, players can communicate through voice chat up close, which makes it possible to communicate with the enemy, but instead of just communicating, It seems possible for you to turn off your opponent’s video game.

situation occurred during He lives in a twitch from streamer John Schaeferknown as IGotPuppieswhere the transmitter says “Xbox is offDuring Warzone 2 and several players disconnected. Check out the snippet below from the livestream where you can see several players getting disconnected after sentence.

Make sure your Kinects are turned off… I’m coming for you!

The Xbox shutdown started around the time of Call of Duty Ghosts

This isn’t the first time these “trolls” have happened through voice commands. In 2014, when Call of Duty Ghosts was released, there was a player who put in his title “Turn off Xbox”causing anyone who speaks out loud to order the Xbox to shut down.

Gamers are so anxious about saying the gamer’s name that they spell it out so the video game won’t turn off. Check out the full video below with the phishing in action.

Even with the Kinect discontinued, there are still many gamers who still use their voice commands, So if you have a Kinect on Xbox, remember to play with headphones or turn it off before starting a Call of Duty game.

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