The player creates amazing models in creative mode

The player creates amazing models in creative mode

Since 2011, the game developed by Epic Games, 'fortnite“, has achieved great success among the audience, because it offers multiple gameplay modes and realistic graphics.

Something unexpected caught the attention of users after a video clip spread on social media; It has become possible to identify two famous characters in the world of “Fortnite”.

The person responsible for creating Sonic and Tails surprised everyone with his idea.

New characters in Fortnite

Some characters have become landmarks in the gaming world and are recognized by generations old and new.

This is the situation My voicelaunched in 1991, continues to receive new updates today not only in games, but also in films and products related to its characters, and recently its name has become popular on networks.

Photo: Sega/Reproduction

A mix between gaming generations was created when the user “Rctheking” posted on his social network a video featuring two famous characters from the “Fortnite” world, the main issue being that they do not belong to this real world.

In the video below you can see the protagonist Sonic and his friend Tails with their main characteristics, but from another perspective.

To render the classic 2D version of the real-life Battle Royale platformer, use the tools available in the “Unreal Engine for Fortnite” (UEFN), in Portuguese, the “Fortnite” graphics engine.

This is a creative area for participants where they can create their own world and make it public or not.

Photo: Video Capture/X/Playback

In addition to creating this new experience, the user stated that he will donate any amount collected to charity, as upon completion of the process, he will grant access to everyone, with his intention to develop this universe in a non-profitable way. .

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The news had such an impact that it caught the team's attention as well. epic.

Everyone is waiting for the project to be completed, and until then, they are following the simple progress posted on the networks by the developer.

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