“The pipette behind the vase” · TV news

"The pipette behind the vase" · TV news

exclude the second of farm 13, from recording, Mosonzinho He complains again about the disgusting bathroom on the country reality show. Responsible for cleaning up the place within a few days of confinement, the actor explained that he even found a plug behind the toilet. He declared “disgusting things”.

The 28-year-old actor participated in the panel A Fazenda – ltima Chance, in Hora do Faro, on Sunday (3). He had a chat with reporters Leo Dias, Kela Jimenez and Chico Barney, and influencer Lucas Selvi. The artist summoned the days of imprisonment.

When he talked about the reason for his exclusion, he asked Kela Mosonzinho for a phrase he had said on the show. “I wanted to understand why I called girls, at one point, ‘nice but pigs,'” she asked.

He replied, “Because I was in charge of cleaning the bathroom. In that case over there, when I got into it, I talked about the droppings that were going on. In the reserved bathroom there is no camera.”

According to the actor, he found the place in the most dangerous situation after being used by his colleagues. “Every time I went to clean up… Guys, there were four litter baskets. I put the bins and changed them. There were two big bins on one side of the vase and two on the other. But it was a bunch of things I threw the floor on. Disgusting stuff ,” he announced.

“Simple things tossed in the trash. For example, when girls were about to pick up OB [absorvente interno] and use. There were many on the ground. Wonderful. Absorbent behind the vase.”

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The person who was excluded also reported that it was common to find wet bathing suits in the room. “It was stuff like that. For example: a wet bikini. The bathroom stink. I just took a bikini and put it outside. That’s what it is. Of course, everyone uses the bathroom. But it had a very strong smell that could be avoided. It was.” Just pick it up and throw it in the trash,” he repeated.

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