The photo shows more Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt in their new outfits

The photo shows more Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt in their new outfits

Today, June 13, is the birthday of one of the biggest movie stars: Chris Evans, Captain America Eternal Steve Rogers is 40 years old and in celebration of his birthday, Chris Hemsworth Share a picture on Instagram.

say “Happy 40th Birthday Chris Evans, you will always be number 1 for me” He posted a picture with Chris Pratt during filming, showing some of the heroic outfits they should wear in the upcoming Thunder God movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. paying off:

Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt appear together in a behind-the-scenes photo of Thor: Love & Thunder.

Previously, Pictures from the group He has already shown the new look that the two heroes will use in the movie.

plot details Thor: Love and Thunder It hasn’t been revealed, but we already know that with the return of Natalie Portman, the film will be an adaptation of the comic book arc in which Jane Foster takes on the mantle. ox , After Odinson became undeserved. When she becomes a hero, she also has to contend with cancer.

In addition to Portman, the film will feature a comeback Chris Hemsworth for the role of Thor, Tessa Thompson Like Valkyrie, as well as representatives of the core Guardians of the Galaxy, How Chris Pratt Like Star-Lord, Boom Klementiev like a mantis, Dave Bautista like Drax and Karen Gillan like a nebula. He will be the villain in the story injustice , Butcher the gods who lived Christian Bell.

Thor: Love and Thunder Scheduled to hit US theaters today May 6, 2022.

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Here are 10 things we want to see Thor: Love and Thunder:

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